Managing chronic neck pain with physio

By Steven (Xuelong) Qin, Clinic Director, Advanced Physio Care
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Did you know that physiotherapists say that 80% of young adults in Singapore suffer from neck and lower back pain? Find out more about physiotherapy.

3 Pro Physio Tips for Managing Neck and Lower Back Pain in 1 minute

TIP #1: Set your desk up correctly

Your monitor should be in front of you and your eyes should be level with the upper part of the monitor. Your arms should sit at a right angle with the desk when you are sitting upright (not slouching). If this means that your feet do not touch the floor, then put a block under them so that they have the support they need. If your computer is too high, too low, or off to one side, then your neck will start to show the signs of chronic misuse, such as calcification along one side. Avoid setting yourself up for neck pain by setting your desk up right.

TIP #2: Take a break

Technology is a part of our daily life, and that’s a fact of life. As people sit at their desks or on the underground staring at screens and slouching, this has all kinds of impacts on the body. A very easy way to try to counteract these impacts is by changing your position physically. Make sure you get up and move about every 30 minutes or so for 5 minutes. Try a few simple neck stretches as a counterbalance to your usual posture.

TIP #3: Ensure that your pillow is the right height

You can heal while you sleep by giving your neck the right kind of rest. Never sleep on your front with your head facing one side and twisting your neck. Sleep on your side or back, and be sure that your pillow is neither too high nor too low so that your spine’s natural S-curve is supported well. This will mean that your sleep is a healing sleep and you don’t wake up with more neck or back pain than you went to sleep with.

But one physiotherapy treatment cannot solve your condition. Advanced physio care is about chronic pain management and mobility – the last thing we want to do is make your pain worse. If your issue is caused by chronic postural problems, old age, or sports impact, then there will be no silver bullet and it will not be solved overnight. If you are serious about your body lasting and keeping your mobility into old age, then you will need to commit to more than one physiotherapy session.

So make sure you consult a certified physiotherapist to understand the deep cause of your pain and get a tailored treatment programme.


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