Physiotherapists vs Fitness Trainers?

By Steven (Xuelong) Qin
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Fitness Trainers and Physiotherapists are both very helpful allies in the quest to a healthy body. The main difference between them is that Fitness Trainers work with healthy bodies and focus on building muscle mass, fitness, and aesthetics, while Physiotherapists work with injured bodies and focus on pain management and rehabilitation to keep you moving. We know about caring for athletes as we have treated an SEA Games gold medallist.

Partnership between fitness trainers and a physiotherapists

If you are an athlete with a Fitness Trainer that has a relationship with a Physiotherapist that specialises in care for sportspeople, then you know you can push yourself hard because you will be taken care of. And conversely, if you have a Physio that is trusted by Fitness Trainers enough to send their athlete clients to them, then you know you have a Physio who is experienced in treating the kind of injuries sports people face. If you are a Fitness Trainer, this kind of partnership can put you a cut above the competition and help to win you serious athletes, whether professional or amateur. You can easily access support for your client at Advanced Physio Care through our telehealth video consultation service. If your client is injured, simply click the link and book a 20-min video consultation call for just $20 with one of our Physiotherapists.

Knowledge of the body and it’s mechanics

Both Fitness Trainers and Physiotherapists have a deep knowledge of the body and its mechanics. However, physiotherapists tend to spend longer exploring the mechanics of body injury, pain and recovery. Because the body is fragile when broken or injured like this, Physios need to really take their time and be sure they understand this. For this reason, Physiotherapy is also a regulated profession in Singapore.

Fitness Trainers are also other highly qualified, but they tend to build up their qualifications through courses that may last weeks or months, and then focus heavily on practical experience training people. They are not a regulated profession in the way that Physiotherapy is regulated in Singapore, so checking out their track record is advisable. If they are allied with a Physiotherapist, then chances are they are a good bet for athletes as they clearly work seriously for their clients benefit.

If you are injured and enjoy your sports, we advise that you include your Fitness Trainer in your initial consultation with your Physiotherapist, so they understand the nature of your injury better. We also advise that you share with them the exercise regime you have been given, so they can support your care. The partnership is a powerful one and only serves to benefit the client.

Access to technology for athletes

The highlight of our practice at Advanced Physio Care is the TECAR machine. TECAR Therapy is used by world-class athletes like Usain Bolt to accelerate rehabilitation from injury and keep moving and training. Our Clinic Director has treated an SEA Games gold medallist with this machine, so you know you are getting athlete-centred care from Advanced Physio Care. Your average gym will not have a such a specialised machine. In fact, many Physiotherapy clinics do not have this machine, so it’s a good way to check if they really do have experience with athletes. You can try our TECAR machine of your injury or pain for just $88 for a 30-minute session.

Gyms of course have a whole array of machines that work specific body parts and muscle groups. While most Physiotherapists advise full-body whole movement when recovering from injury, the machines at gyms can add scaffolding to movements and help you to build strength in muscle groups that may have weakened as you’ve recovered from your injury. If your sport is generally outdoors (like long-distance running), some time spent indoors a controlled environment working with machines, may help you avoid re-injury.

Fitness trainers we work with at Advanced Physio Care

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Everyone’s pain is a little bit different in our experience, so we do recommend seeing a certified physiotherapist to make sure that you get the best pain-management and recovery regime for you. If you don’t know where to start, book a call with us via our telehealth option – the $20-minute video conference call.


Please visit us at #03-08 SBF Centre near to Capital Tower or book a 20-minute video conference call with Steven Xuelong Qin (our clinic Director) for $20 to get a consultation and discuss treatment options for your pain or injury using our telehealth option (we will collect payment on booking). You can also try our TECAR machine of your injury or pain for just $88 for a 30-minute session.

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