About Steven Qin

Graduated with Honours from the Trinity College Dublin, Steven is the co-founder of Advanced Physio Care. He specialises in the rehabilitation of chronic musculoskeletal problems ranging from back, neck and spine, to sports injuries, occupational overuse syndromes and chronic pain. His interest in this field stems from working for many years in rehabilitation departments of various rehabilitation centre as well as renowned private clinics in Singapore and St James hospital in Ireland, where he gained much of his experience dealing with complex musculoskeletal conditions. He has completed a wide series of accredited Post-Graduate musculoskeletal courses, which include spinal manipulation and was involved in the treatment of a celebrated Singapore national athlete.

Steven Xuelong Qin, Clinic Director at Advanced Physio Care
Patient on spinal adjustment treatment table

Providing professional & quality care through the use of advanced technology to relieve pain and restore function in the shortest time possible.
At Advanced Physio Care, we understand that the road to recovery isn’t just about relieving pain, but is centred around restoring and improving the everyday life of our patients. Every patient we treat has a unique need and requires tailored and specialised care that speeds up recovery with minimal pain necessary.

We begin by understanding our patients with an accurate diagnosis of the problem. We don’t just focus on manual techniques that might cause pain and slow down the healing process – we respect our patient’s pain and seek to relieve it with specialised treatment and technology before proceeding with rehab exercises that is tailored to their situation. Our patients’ comfort is key and we excel in that.

Our patients fall into 3 main groups:

Functional Wellness & Corporate Health

We help relief office workers who suffer from ailments that include neck and lower back pain through our treatments that include spinal traction and manipulation to relieve pain and restore mobility and flexibility.

Sports Injury & Performance

From ACL tears and other sports or traumatic injury, we help patients recover from painful sports injuries with a focus on relieving pain and restoring function as soon as possible.

Elderly & Seniors

We help treat the ailments of our seniors that include knee arthritis, frozen shoulder and hip arthritis with a non-invasive approach to exercise and treatment to avoid any unnecessary consumption of painkillers or surgery.

Our Environment

We are committed to providing our patients with a soothing and rejuvenating environment that not only feels welcoming but is geared towards recovery and healing. With our smooth scheduling system, you are also ensured a short wait before your treatment begins, allowing you to maximise each appointment and save time for the rest of your day.

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