Physiotherapy In The Heart Of Singapore’s CBD

From pain relief and healing to restoring mobility and function, we are dedicated to providing you the best quality care and physiotherapy that is effective and completed in the shortest possible time.


We help relief office workers who suffer from ailments that include neck and lower back pain through our treatments to restore mobility, flexibility and promote functional wellness.


We help treat the ailments that include knee arthritis, frozen shoulder and hip arthritis with a non-invasive approach to exercise and treatment.


From ACL tears and other sports or traumatic injury, we help patients recover from painful sports injuries with a focus on relieving pain and restoring function as soon as possible.


Time is precious, but so is your health. Our treatments last between 30-45 minutes and is suitable for a session during lunch breaks for the office crowd. (By appointment only)

Discover Our Range Of Physiotherapy Services

Discover Our Range Of Physiotherapy Services

Patient on spinal adjustment treatment table

Spinal Decompression Therapy

The source of your backpain may be a disc, joint or a connective tissue related disorder that requires a painless, non-surgical procedure to alleviate or manage the pain. We accomplish this by the use of Dynamic Traction Therapy (DTS) which gently stretches the spine, relieving pressure from the discs, joints and muscular tissues, while enhancing the body’s natural healing process.

Trial session at $80 dollar

The Endogenous Thermotherapy

Using advanced technology, our Tecar therapy helps to reduce your recovery and rehabilitation time by stimulating the activation of all the body’s natural repair processes.

The treatment helps to stimulate the body’s natural healing response with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on your body’s bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments, helping to speed up your recovery. Tecar therapy is beneficial to seniors suffering from arthritis and helps to prevent the need for surgery or other invasive procedures.

Patient with knee pain being treated with TECAR therapy machine
Runners and athletes who may need physiotherapy care for sports injuries

Spinal Moblisation Treatment

Our spinal mobilisation helps to restore and enhance join function for our patients. Slow movement is used to mobilise the joint. This treatment is suitable for patients with sensitive nervous systems, in severe pain or those with advanced osteoporosis and inflammatory arthritis.

Post Operation Rehab Therapy

From shoulder to knee surgeries and more, our post-operation rehab helps patients to regain mobility, flexibility and strength after their surgical procedures.

We focus on a regime of restoring functional wellness with a focus on minimising pain to return to the patient’s day to day activities. Our therapy includes effective treatment protocols that is tailored based on your individual surgery type.
Common surgeries that require Post-Operative rehab therapy includes shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, calf, ankle, foot and spine.

Elderly person in a wheelchair in post operation recovery
Woman exercising with dumbbell and ball

Advanced Exercise Prescription

We help our patients draw up short and long-term exercise plans to promote functional movement, strengthen the muscles and joints in the affected areas and generally improve functional health.

Physio Consultation, Assessment & Treatment

Our physio consultation service is perfect for office workers looking to check up on their spinal and physical joint health and remedy any persistent neck and lower back pain.

  • A subjective assessment of the patient to understand their needs and physical well-being.
  • An objective assessment to detect the impairments through objective testing and outcome measurement for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Setting the patient’s goal together with the patient with proper education of their condition.
  • Treatment of the patient’s condition
  • Prescription of home exercises
Physiotherapy clinic and spinal adjustment table
Hydrotherapy treatment in physio


Hydrotherapy treatment can be effectively used whilst on a de-stress holiday by helping to reduce blood pressure caused by stress. It may also slow down the body’s reaction to anxiety and release endorphins – a natural stress fighter.

The weightlessness you feel when under water relieves tension in the limbs, supporting aching muscles and easing the movement as opposed to when on land. Plus, hydrotherapy stimulates the release of endorphins, acting as a natural pain reliever which will further reduce muscle soreness. Incorporating hydrotherapy as part of your fitness holiday is a great way to recover after a day’s training.

Being immersed in warm or hot water raises the body temperature, increasing blood flow around the circulatory system and so alleviating pain. The improved circulation will in turn help to heal injured tissues and rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints.

The increased blood flow and circulation of white blood cells around the body allows lymph (an immune system fluid that helps collect and get rid of unwanted materials from the body) to be moved through the body more efficiently and therefore strengthens the immune system, helping to fight colds and illnesses.

Saunas and steam rooms induce considerable sweating, the body’s primary way of eliminating toxins. Flush out impurities and toxins through the skin on a detox holiday and help to cleanse your body.